Giving Yourself Time to Adjust


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything or updated my site. Why? I needed time to adjust.

I got a new job, which I LOVE. It’s a combination of the arts and working with youth, which is a collision of both my loves. The formal title is a Studio Teacher/Child Labor Coordinator, where I care for young actors and actresses while they’re on the set of a movie, TV show, or commercial. I’ve met some amazing kids and parents, as well as directors and others involved in the process of creating something amazing. I feel blessed.

But there was an adjustment period, where I had to step back from what I was doing with my personal business, to learn how to manage my new job. I needed to take the time to adjust.

I felt bad the first week because I got behind on my videos, blogging, and other things dealing with my business. I thought that everything I had worked on was now out the window… but I had to trust God and trust in what I built before the job came along.

Sometimes, we’re afraid of giving ourselves time because our fear is that we will lose time and momentum in other areas. We tell ourselves that we can’t drop any ball in any area or we lose…

… but what if we just set the ball down instead of dropping it. What if we put them into a holding container so that it’s still safe, protected, and not “dropped”?

My fear of losing time or being behind makes me anxious about things. It causes me to feel guilt if I’m not giving 100% in every area of my life. It pushes me to go above and beyond in my mind, while my body feels overwhelmed and just wants to relax. Then I feel bad about relaxing, and the cycle continues.

But this time, I gave myself the time. I decided not to try and balance it all equally, and to simply place one down for a moment as I engaged with and learned to master the new. Now that I’ve been doing this a month, I feel better and know how to navigate my new job and my business. I understand where my energy and focus needs to go, when it needs to go there, and when I can take some time to focus on the things I’m working on. One thing I’ve always kept in my view is that I will not longer build or sacrifice for someone else if I’m not willing to go above and beyond for myself.

So if you’ve started a new job, a new afterschool program, or moved to a new city, give yourself the grace and time to adjust. Give yourself the emotional permission to feel everything; the excitement and unknown for the new, and the mourning of the old. After you’ve had time to adjust, then work through how to bring some form of comfort or the whole you to the new place.

Give Yourself Grace.



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