Filling A Void

John 4:1-30 The Woman at the Well

Void: / vɔɪd / (n) an empty space; emptiness

My college experience was like any normal college student’s, filled with successes, failures, and lessons. Attempting to fill my own voids was one of my biggest failures and lessons I learned. 

I tried alcohol, sex, parties, and being involved in whatever I could, as much as I could. After my nights in strange places, waking up to strange faces, I would feel fulfilled… in the moment. But it was only a matter of time before the feeling returned… emptiness. 

It got out of control. I was doing things I said I’d never do, saying things I said I wouldn’t say, and simply became a woman I never wanted to become. All because I was trying to fix whatever this void was on the inside of me. 

Does that sound like someone you know?

The woman at the well is an interesting story because she was in a similar place. She had been married a few times and was currently living with another man, who wasn’t her husband. In the midst of all her chaos, she met Jesus, who told her everything about who she was and what she was doing. He knew she had a void, because at the end of their conversation at the well, He offered her something. 

A way to fill her void… and never feel empty again. 

He compared it to water, something we need to survive. But instead of having to come to the well everyday for it, you could live with it on a daily basis and never have to make the journey to the well again. 

Do you have a well in your life?

What is the thing you keep going back to when you need to quench the thirst that won’t go away? What is the “water” that only gives you temporary satisfaction, and leaves you feeling even more thirsty in the end?

Maybe you’re like me, and you continue to give and give of yourself to people who don’t offer you anything but a temporary fix. Maybe yours is the approval of people, which causes you to compromise who you are on social media for ‘likes’. It could be food, giving you that temporary comfort and stuffed sensation that makes you feel “full”. 

No matter what your well is, you and I both know that nothing is working. No amount of sex can help us. No amount of likes, shares, and delicious food can keep up satisfied and full for too long. 

Only the love, compassion, affirmation, and living waters of Jesus Christ can do that. His well never runs dry, but it does run over. His love will never grow old, but grows stronger. His continuous support and affirmation of who we are gives us the power to wake up every day knowing how amazing, powerful and beautiful we are, without anyone else’s opinion or validation. 

Sound like something you need?

Come to the well.


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